mardi 25 août 2009

Appel à contributions: ANTIPODES 2010

Call for Special Issue of Antipodes, December 2010, on Connections
Between Australia/New Zealand and Latin America/The Caribbean

This issue will address cultural and, especially, literary relations between Latin America, the Caribbean, and Australia. Form the socialist New Australian colony in Paraguay in the 1890s to the influence of Borges and Garcia Marquez on Australian postmodernists from the 1980s onward, cultural cross-pollination has flourished across the South Pacific, despite the restrictive effects of imperialism and protectionist trade policies which tried to make the two regions utterly separate spheres. With the emergence of the idea of "the Global South" as well as the greater visibility of subaltern and indigenous identities in both Australia and Latin America, the time is ripe for a new engagement. Prospective topics to be covered in the open call for papers that will be issued are: literary influences; indigenous voices; sport as a cultural medium; resistances; oralities and literacies; whaling and nautical lore; continental drift; revising European paradigms of landscape; poetic form and the challenge of non-European landscapes; Asia in Latin America/Australia; Arab and Middle Eastern influences in Australia/Latin America; Anglophone crossovers between the Caribbean and Australia (from Governor Eyre to Ralph de Boissière and
Bev Braune); the South pacific as cultural connector; Antartica; ecocritical concerns in the Amazon, the Andes, and Australia; Australia in Latin American fiction; Australian diaspora communities in Latin America and vice versa; “the tyranny of distance”, the Internet, and globalization.

Please send an abstract to Nicholas Birns at by January 2010. If the abstract receives encouragement, you will be asked to submit the final essay (which will be refereed) by July 2010. The project may also entail participation at the 2011 AAALS conference as well as, possibly, the 2011 Latin American Studies Association conference in Toronto.

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