mercredi 15 juillet 2009

Christopher Koch fête ses 77 ans le 16 juillet


Koch is celebrating his 77th birthday today and for those interested in knowing more about this Tasmanian novelist, depicted on the front cover of my monograph available from Cambria Press, here are a few hints:

En couverture du livre, le portrait du romancier tasmanien exécuté par Sabien WITTEMEAN.

Site internet:

Une bibliographie est disponible dans les dernières pages de la monographie suivante:

A bibliography of novelist Chris Koch is available in the last pages of:

Water From the Moon: Illusion and Reality in the Works of Australian Novelist Christopher Koch by Jean-François Vernay. (New York: Cambria Press, 2007)

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En Nouvelle-Calédonie: disponible auprès de l'auteur. Tel: 92.66.70 (8000 CFP l’unité)

Commentaires/ comments:

Chad Habel, Australian Book Review 293, July/ August 2007, 57-8:

“This is an important book, and a valuable contribution to what correctly identifies as a neglected area in Australian literary studies… Water from the Moon is a testament to the richness of Koch’s work and to the difficulty in analyzing, categorizing or pigeonholing it. It is a fitting (but backhanded) tribute to an author who has always vocally opposed the appropriation of his work for political, social or ideological ends.”
Correspondence: Toni Tan, ‘The finished article’, Australian Book Review 294, September 2007, 6)

Sue Ryan Fazilleau, Correspondances océaniennes 6: 2 (dir. Christophe AUGIAS), novembre 2007, 34 : “…un livre important qui comble de façon compétente une lacune reconnue dans la critique littéraire australienne contemporaine”.

CA Cranston, JASAL 7, 2007, 116-21:“…Water from the Moon is, importantly, relevant and topical…”

Paul Sharrad, Postcolonial Text 3: 4, 2007: “Another valuable feature of Water from the Moon is its bringing Koch commentary up to date, with chapters on Highways to a War and Out of Ireland. Vernay is to be commended on pushing through the post-thesis trough to produce this study.”

Paul Genoni, Australian Literary Studies 23: 4, October 2008, 493-6: “… Water from the Moon has considerable merit. At a time when single author studies are out of favour, it is reassuring to find an account of a major Australian author that is timely, thorough and generally persuasive.”

Comment by Christopher Koch, online: “Jean-François Vernay has written an interesting study of my work, informed by a particular set of theories concerning the nature of literature. This is natural; every critic, like every creative writer, works within the framework of his own beliefs. In doing so, Dr. Vernay pursues his themes with considerable thoroughness, relating them to the broader topic of Australian literature in the 20th century in a way which should be of interest to other scholars in the field – and to anyone who is concerned with Australian writing, both at home and abroad. His book should provoke thought and discussion; and for this, I welcome it.”

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If your university/ public library does not have a copy of Water from the Moon, you can support the author by placing an order for the library to purchase it from Cambria Press:

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